School equipment and furnishings

Mega M has many years of experience in the field of school equipment and furniture. It was established in 1996. in the town of Pleven. Her whole activity is subordinated to the motto - "School - an attractive and cozy place for our children". The company strives to keep up with the modern trends and is therefore constantly improving its products. It offers a variety of materials and colors and is tailored to the customers' wishes. In order to be as useful as possible, it provides services for the overall maintenance of the facilities of the schools.

Mega M specializes in the supply, production, distribution and delivery of school furniture and school furniture. For the convenience of our customers, our products are delivered locally in the country.

Our products are designed according to the needs of educational institutions and meet the Bulgarian and international standards for school furniture. They are distinguished by their modern design, multifunctionality and quality.

The company produces and offers:

  • School chair seat (lacquered kit)
  • School chair backrest (lacquered set)
  • Table top for school table
  • Top for student rank
  • Table top and table top
  • Universal Student Chair
  • Reinforced square profile school chair
  • Student rank
  • Student Tables - Tube Furniture
  • Single student table
  • Double school table
  • Tripods for drawing
  • Round Head Bolts (nut set)
  • Plastic footrests for chairs and tables - PVC footrest
  • Student Desks
  • Classroom cabinets
  • Cabinets for the teacher's room
  • Bookcases and bookcases
  • School chair seat and back (lacquered kit)
  • Sofas
  • Furnishing beautiful classrooms
  • Furniture for kindergartens and nurseries

Mega-M manufactures, assembles and supplies equipment and furnishings for schools and schools. School desks, School chairs, seats and backs for school chairs, desks and tables for the classroom. The company offers complete furnishings for schools and schools.
The manufacturer does not offer second-hand used school furniture.