School chair backpacks

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Mega M supplies Seats and Seats for school chairs and chairs (wooden, lacquered) ready for installation. All orders are delivered on site, with shipping and shipping costs being borne by the manufacturer.

School chair backrestSchool chair backrest

Single lacquer backrest for school chair - rounded, wooden and ready for installation. The chair backs are durable and are in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements of the Ministry of Education. The backs are made of heat-pressed plywood, which makes them much healthier.

     For students in grades 1-4, backrest size: 32x16 (cm)
     Suitable for chairs H = 38 cm.
     For students in grades 5-12, backrest size: 37x20 (cm)
     Suitable for chairs H = 42 to H = 46 cm.

Also available are a set: seat and back for a school chair and desk.