Countertops for school desks and tables

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The company offers all types of countertops made of high quality materials for school tables and desks. The design meets all the requirements for durable use. Our products are reasonably priced and designed to meet the needs of educational institutions and meet the Bulgarian and international standards for school furniture. They are distinguished by their modern design, multifunctionality and quality.

Countertops for school tablesCountertops for school tables

Top for school table (double) thick edging.

A wide variety of colors for a spa top.
Dimensions: 1200/500/18 mm1200 / 500/25 mm

Particle board colors - wooden part:

Table top for school deskTable top for school desk

Top for student rank (thick edge) - single and double occupancy

Dimensions: 1200/400/18 mm1200 / 400/25 mm

Particle board colors - wooden part: